Week 3 Players of the Week

Updated: September 11, 2016
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Offensive Player: Malcolm Carter #88 WR Ottawa Sooners. 5rec/93yds/3TDS

Malcolm had a massive game in the Sooners huge game against the London Beefeaters. He alone had 3 touchdowns in Ottawas 60 point game. Carter made every reception count averaging 18.6 yards a catch. He was a major impact in the game and helped the Sooners breeze to victory.


Defensive Player: Graeme Shreeve #20 GTA Grizzlies 10pts/2FR/65/TD

Although Shreeve did not have the most points overall on defense this week, he did something no other player came close to in the week. He accumulated 10 total points defensively thanks to his two big fumble recoveries in the game. Not only did he grab the ball off the ground twice, he was able to run for 65 yards and put a touchdown on the board for the GTA Defense.


Special Teams Player: Kwasi Gyamgi-Adusei #70 KR/PR Ottawa Sooners 2KO/135yds/TD 2PR/68yds/TD

Without question, Kwasi had a monstrous game on special teams for the Sooners. With a total of 203 return yards and 2 touchdowns, he was unstoppable with the ball in his hands. Considering he returned the ball twice on only 4 touches, you can say Kwasi made the most of every return this week.

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