Week 8 Players of the Week

Updated: October 18, 2016
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Offensive Player of the Week- Jakoby Jones RB AKO Windsor Fratment- 15 carries/ 178 yards/ 1 TD

The ball was heavily shared this week with two running backs rushing for over 100 yards from the Fratmen. The decidng factor this week was Jakoby having a run of 69 yards and an overall higher number of rush yards. His 6 points added to the total winning number of 42 this week for AKO. The Beefeaters didn’t have an answer for the rush game this week and Jakoby Jones took full advantage of their shortcoming.

Defensive Player of the Week- Adam Chin AKO Windsor Fratmen- 2 tackles/ 1 special teams tackle/ 3 QB sacks/ 15 TOT Points

Chin could just not be contained. He was always sneaking into the backfield to bring the opposing quarterback to the ground. He made sure his precense was heard on the field this weekend. Adding on a few defensive tackles and a special team tackle helped secure the player of the week for Adam Chin this week. AKO is a very strong defensive team and he lead the way this week with 15 total points.

Special Teams Player of the Week- Tyler Storie AKO Windsor Fratmen 4PR/ 45yards/ 3KR/ 102yards

He is back at it again with another player of the week. Storie has been a phenomenal athlete to watch on the field this season. Though he didn’t reach the endzone this week, Storie was still a big part of the game against London.
Storie is always a crucial part of Windsors special teams. If he isn’t in the endzone, Tyler Storie is always trying to give his teammates a great starting point for the offense.

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